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Bank negotiator

Dear Ms. Korpacz:

        Thank you for your hard work on this short sale.
It has really been a good experience working with you,
you are a true professional in an industry peopled by
many who are not.  I hope to have the opportunity to work
with you again and in the meantime wish you all the best.


PNC Bank negotiator

October 19, 2010

Roy Betz, Elgin


It has been a pleasure. I also want to say I am impressed with your business model. I like the website and the email automation. Being in the insurance business I deal with Realtors all the time and I was very happy with our dealings.
- Roy
Sept 7, 2010

Kathleen and Brian McAteer, Sellers in Franklin Park ( Short Sale)

Words could not Thank you enough for what you have do for us. Thank you so much.  You have done a lot with our house.


May 21, 2010

Kathy and Arthur Popiwniak, Sellers- Morton Grove (Short Sale)

Dear Kinga i Beata

I wanted to write this letter as a thank you for your cooperation in selling of our house. I know it wasn't an easy task.
I am very grateful for being able to find such qualified attorney and super real estate agent who in comparison through personal experience are the best in what they do, who are most responsible, organized and very well prepared when it comes to their expertise. Who are ready to work at all times of day and night.
If others could deliver their best and with such strong work ethic. I belive that everything would be much easier.
Thank you for your hard work and for being there for us.

Kasia & Artur
May 21, 2010

Kim Fielding, Real Estate Agent (Short Sale)


THANK YOU for being so professional and accessible for all our questions. It was a long process but I am thrilled we got it done.


May 18th, 2010


Gary Elwood, Swansea IL- ProQuest Technologies

"I’ve done business with Kinga for nearly a year now and she’s someone who truly loves real estate, but even more than that she loves helping people. The words on her web site “dedicated and committed to helping others” are not just a slogan. She lives it! Just ask her clients…they’ll tell you. She’s innovative, sharp and a real pro. When it comes to choosing someone to represent you in a real estate transaction, Kinga is an awesome choice!" May 12, 2010

Michael Batts, Glendale Heights

Kinga and Monika,

                I have no true words to describe the service that you provided me. You two are my guardian angels. No matter what happened through the process you stood by my side and I truly appreciate that. My son and I are very grateful for your help and services, and when it’s time to buy a house you will be the first to know. 
Thanks again,

Michael Batts

April 19th, 2010

James Marion Jr


You and your team are great. You all have been a tremendous help to me and I appreciate every single thing. I realize this transaction was small for you so I want to take this opportunity to say THANKS.

Aston Ward and Joseph Czerkies, Elgin IL

I just want to say thank you for helping us out so much. You have gone above and beyond to answer our questions and help us out so THANK YOU!

Edmund Brennan, Oak Brook Terrace, Seller

Let me start by saying meeting Kinga and engaging her professional Real Estate Services was my great good fortune .She is without peer in the Real EsTate Profession . Her Character and Professionalism are what set her apart. This is a lady of extraordinary integrity coupled with a personality that radiates genuine warmth and sincerity. She listens with the patience of Job and then she implements a professional plan formulated by her experience and vast Real Estate knowledge. She has a tremendous desire to improve her knowledge demonstrated by her continuous attendance at RE educational seminars to benefit her clients with this expertise.She always puts the interests of her clients first.
Kinga is a professional that you can without a doubt put your complete Trust in----------and that quality is very very rare.
I Thank you for all you done for me and I highly recommend you to all who enter the Real Estate Market

Linda Rich, Chicago - lessee

Dear Kinga,

Thanks for your note. My move went well. I have my curtains up and the pictures on the walls. My kitties and I Love this place!! I hope to buy it some day. The shuttle bus is great and I really like the view. Thanks for all your help. - Lin

Larry Baer, Chicago - first time buyer

When I worked with Kinga on purchasing my first home, I felt like I was her number one client. As a first-time buyer, I didn't know a thing about the home purchasing process, but I had a very quick deadline to make. Kinga replied to my online inquiry within an hour, and immediately I knew that she would be on top of things. Realizing my time constriction, Kinga scheduled dozens of showings within my first week of working with her. She knew exactly what I was looking for, and she provided me with the knowledge and resources to help me make the perfect selection. Kinga thoroughly covered every step of the purchasing process, and in less than two months, I had gone from browsing properties online to signing closing documents. Most importantly, I felt comfortable working with Kinga, and I cannot thank her enough for the help and expertise she provided me along my journey to home ownership. Best of all, I love my new place! Thank you, Kinga.

Jason Jakob, Arlington Heights - seller


 Thank you so much for coming through on the sale of my aunt's house. I'll admit, I thought we were in for a long frustrating role. You pulled it off. Much appreciated.


Kasia, Olek & Maya Szuba, Hoffman Estates

Kinga, dziekujemy Ci za pomoc w znalezieniu domku naszych marzen.
                                                  Nie mozemy sie doczekac kiedy w nim zamieszkamy.
                                             Wdzieczni jestesmy za Twoje dobre i fachowe porady. 
                                                    Zyczymy Tobie powodzenia i sukcesow w pracy


Azi Quadri, Chicago

 I have bought a brand new condo from a builder thru Kinga. She is really great to work with, her quality of service is professional  and to the highest level. I trust her deeply and definitely would use her services again and again. What I'd like the most is that she really listens and cares about your home buying needs. I got exactly what I was looking for.

Michael Cell, GRI, ABR from Coldwell Banker

Dear Kinga,
I can't thank you enough for your hard work and dedication to get to the closing table regarding Round Lake property.  Without you there would have been no deal pure and simple!

Asia & Kriss Jarek, Bensenville

Dziekujemy Kindze za pomoc, cierpliwosc i doradzenie nam w wyborze naszego pierwszego domu. Jestesmy zadowoleni z serwisu ktorego nam udzielila i bez wachania polecamy ja naszym znajomym..                                                  

We would like to thank Kinga for help, patience and advice with our first home purchase. We are very happy with her service and we always recommend her to our friends.

Adam & Wioleta Wandycz, Addison

It took us really long time to find our first home, but with Kinga's patience and negotiating ability we found our dream home at the price we wanted! She's my sister but I know she really cares about her clients and takes her job seriously.

Gerald E. Van Gemert II, Chicago IL, first time buyer

I begin by telling you that we are first time home buyers.

We were forced quickly into our decision to own as opposed to paying rent as the monthly rents available in this city of Chicago, Illinois has grown all to high when paying a mortgage gives us better decisions for our financial futures.

My wife was enrolled and completed the required first time home buyers classes as well as condominium classes to enable us to become qualified in several programs in our area to assist with the purchasing of a single family property to live in. These two certificates were more important for the education my wife received as this business of finding then buying a property has many difficult aspects involved.

I decided to research online for realty companies and real estate agents to learn what they could do in order to help us make many decisions towards our goal to own our next home.
I found three separate companies online and then decided on three agents by writing or calling one agent from each company I thought might assist us the best. I read through Kinga's online web pages providing information about her training, qualifications, and certifications. I will say that it was her clear worded descriptions that caught my attention and her willingness to work with first time home buyers was listed with her qualifications. I took this very serious as not one of the other companies nor agents mentioned this. I even asked these same questions on the telephone and did not like the responses.
Kinga was easy to talk to right from the beginning. I was able to discuss the serious nature behind my reason for seeking an agent to assist us as we did not have a lot of time before we would have to move out of our apartment due to legal violations imposed on the building's owners for violations...
including that our basement apartment was deemed illegal and court ordered for complete deconversion and without tenants living inside whatsoever. I would have preferred to tell you that our journey into home ownership was our decision but it was not the case at all. I will also make it clear that our financial situation placed limitations on the properties we could afford. This was a nightmare for my family to cope with. 
Education never made more sense to me than when we actually began discussing what properties we wanted to look at and how much we thought we could afford with Kinga. This lead to my first experiences with an agent going to properties she had determined would fit our needs.
I must admit...
these were some very eye opening moments for me as I was learning quickly just how limited we were and how this altered what properties I would be viewing.
I admire Kinga the most for putting forth great efforts to keep me calm and informed as we ventured into several properties this first day. I found my dream house as well!
I do not desire to bore you with so many details that we encountered along this path towards home ownership but... I came close to ending all communications as our financial affairs became more clear by associating with different lenders and financial programs who were to assist us to buy our first home... we learned that we were actually more limited than our estimations showed and this changed the course completely.
Kinga continued to assist me and actually kept me positive at a time when there was not much to be positive about. I will also tell you that I have never trusted people in the realty business as I have many experiences in my own family as well as my work in the insurance industry as a fire and flood restoration firm.
I was so very close to really calling an end to all this... "Up then down, then twisted corners, and houses that needed more rehabilitation than we could afford..." All this and I call what happened to my family a clear and obvious miracle.
I received a phone call from Kinga with excitement in her voice...
it was Friday. We were to go with Kinga to one condominium that she had discussed with the realtor many personal aspects of our situation and this lead to our appointment the very next day... Saturday morning. I brought my wife and our checkbook as instructed by Kinga. We met the realtor and began making our offer.
This now became the lesson I was most concerned about...
an agent must have my trust in order to make this serious natured offer that my family would be responsible for paying back and for thirty years of a mortgage.
The most important thing I recall is the excitement on my wife's face and then I realized Kinga was equally as happy about the numbers that were adding up while they prepared our offer.
We could afford this property! Trust is something we all learn to feel or sense in somebody who we encounter in Life that takes steps to really help us in situations we might think or feel are beyond our capabilities.
I tell you with truth - I Trust Kinga. She is my only realty agent.
I will go further by saying that I am writing you all from the very condominium I have been talking about and it is worth every step along the way.
Although it is common for testimonials to sound cut and dry and maybe even assisted by those we write about... I place my name on this letter and I recommend you to discuss with Kinga everything in detail so that you will gain these similar experiences as I have hereby expressed.
I say it was our goal to own a property as opposed to paying another month's rent... what I have learned is there are times in Life when we must trust an individual and this is how I end my testimonial...
Trust is earned by those we feel trust.
Written by Gerald E. Van Gemert II
Chicago, Illinois. USA

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